John Abrams, President of deVan Sealants

In my own business, I have discovered that the competitive situations I face often resemble those faced by my peers. I have found that if you learn from someone else’s mistakes or successes, it can save you considerable pain.

Mark Coleman, Owner of T & C Stamping

Every minute of this meeting was beneficial and everything was great – the format, the speakers, the hospitality, the other members – everything.

Larry McIntosh, Pharmax, Inc.

My BOI group provides a focused structure to meetings and discussions, and also adds an accountability factor that I’m taking action on the advice and counsel I receive from fellow members.

Tom Croghan, Commerce Color, Inc.

Why reinvent the wheel? I’ve met many successful peers at my mastermind meetings who have already experienced similar issues and are willing to share their opinions and best business practices. It’s like a virtual roadmap to business success without the unwanted detours.

Mike Burns, AuBurn Pharmacy

I enjoy our meetings and sure learned a lot. Every time I attend, I feel like I am so far behind, as you are all so progressive and definitely have my respect and attention.

Dave Falk, Sav-Mor Pharmacies

I would have liked to join the group of store owners that we are linked with through BOI a lot earlier. I have learned a lot of valuable information from our members and continue to each time we meet. I have built relationships with peers in the industry that are valuable throughout the year.

John Denbo, Phelps County Regional Medical Center

I did not really know what to expect, as I had never anticipated anything like this before. I was very impressed. This was personally very useful for me – far more than other meetings.

Randy Folkmann, Melton Machine and Control Company

I have rated BOI as a solid 10 [on customer satisfaction survey]. BOI has delivered great value and has exceeded my expectations.