What Is a BOI Mastermind Alliance?

Business Owners International organizes and facilitates elite peer groups of CEO’s and Presidents. And because BOI groups are industry-specific, members are instantly connected with leaders in their industry who truly understand their world. We call these groups Mastermind Alliances.

Strategic Insight:

Your competitors are constantly striving to commoditize your product. It’s up to the CEO to implement strategic ideas focusing on growth, differentiation, protecting margins, developing the executive team, forging a unique competitive advantage, etc. These discussions are an important part of our meetings.

Performance Benchmarking:

A priority at meetings is sharing key financial ratios. These sessions allow for an interactive, live benchmarking discussion among industry peers. “What gets measured, gets managed.” -Peter Drucker.

Problem Solving:

It’s lonely at the top and many times the only person to turn to is yourself. As a member of a Mastermind Alliance, you could share your toughest problems with other Business Owners who have very likely experienced the same problem you’re facing.


Leaders help people learn more, grow more, become more. Belonging to a Mastermind Alliance can promote your growth as a leader in your industry and your company. Surrounding yourself with others who are as good as you or even better, is a highly effective way to excel at anything you choose to do.

Who should join a BOI Mastermind Alliance?

Mastermind Alliances are designed for:

  1. Select, invited businesspeople who want to become world-class leaders
  2. Business owners who want to grow their companies and ensure they’re built to last
  3. Executives who want to fulfill the role of president/CEO, not simply “operator”
  4. Successful people who want to surround themselves with others who will help them become better at both business and life.

Napoleon Hill, who is widely considered to be one of the greatest writers on success, said “Every great leader, from the dawn of civilization to the present, was a dreamer.” Mastermind Alliances are specifically geared toward the successful, practical dreamers of the world who lead by example and who are dedicated to continual learning.”

What is the goal of a BOI Mastermind Alliance?

Two very specific goals of each Mastermind Alliance are:

 Achieve financial independence: Financial independence means we’re running highly profitable businesses.

 Gain personal independence: Personal independence means we’re doing what we love to do.

It’s important to note that BOI’s Mastermind Alliance groups are not formed simply to give members someone to chat with. Members are chosen for their achievements, their desire to learn, and their ability to help each other reach their goals – because each of us can improve only by surrounding ourselves with people who are as successful as, or more successful than, ourselves.

How often does a BOI Mastermind Alliance group meet?

We meet two times per year, for two days per meeting. In addition, we share information throughout the year.

How many members make up a BOI Mastermind Alliance group?

Each group comprises seven to twelve members from across the United States, and members are specifically selected from non-competing geographical areas.

What happens at a BOI Mastermind Alliance meeting?

The majority of our time is spent discussing the topics members have brought to the table: New ideas, former experiences, sales, organization, operations, marketing, financials, strategy, and getting the right people “on the bus” are part of a typical agenda. At every meeting one member shares specific insights into an area where he or she has expertise that the rest of the members can learn from. In addition, we sometimes bring in other Masterminds in their fields – carefully chosen leaders who offer strong insights to help us grow.

Altogether, at every meeting we work on solving problems and becoming better leaders of our families, communities and businesses.

What is required of a BOI Mastermind Alliance member?

Membership includes the following obligations to the group:

  • Attend all meetings
  • Own/run a profitable, growing business
  • Desire to learn and grow
  • Maintain strict confidentiality between all members
  • Be willing to change behavior paradigms
  • Adhere to the Golden Rule – treat others the way you’d want to be treated yourself

How much does membership in a BOI Mastermind Alliance group cost?

Business Owners International is an industry leader in providing monetary value to it’s members. Please contact David Chionio at 314 304-3824 with questions regarding membership dues.

What can I expect in return for my investment?

The benefits of belonging to a Mastermind Alliance include:

 Profit – You’ll never leave a meeting without at least one quantifiable idea that will save you money or generate revenue for your company.

  Growth – Your game will improve, and you will improve. No matter how good you are, there’s always someone else who can help you get better.

  Support – You’ll gain an instant network of industry insiders you can respect and trust.

  Leadership – You’ll consistently improve and continually work toward becoming a great leader of your family, community and business.